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Abusers of cocaine and heroin play deadly game

You've heard the adage that you're more likely to die from an oblivious bovine than from a shark attack, or that perishing via vending machine can be a more sinister notion than your being ...
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Russian men drink too much?

In a recent blog post, we discussed how there were approximately 38 million Americans, most not even alcoholics, who "drank too much." This meant they were consuming, on average, about ...
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Have your Driver's License ready, please

DUI checkpoints. We've all been through at least one—the orange cones, the ominous "have your Driver's License Ready" marquee, the spotlights. The first question you ask ...
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Serotonin Syndrome: Prescription Meds responsible

It influences mood, appetite, sleep, memory, and learning, and can be found in your gastrointestinal tract as well as your central nervous system: Serotonin. Most commonly recognized as a ...
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Synthetic Drugs sending abusers to the emergency room

In fall of 2013, an unusual increase in the number of men and women finding themselves in Colorado hospitals did not go unnoticed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment after over ...
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Prevention Paradox at work on college campuses

A college is hardly the first place that comes to mind when one considers which institutions would find it in their best interests to stymie on-campus drinking. After all, the students need something ...
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The end of legalized marijuana in sight?

Marijuana has been oft-referred to as a "gateway" drug, but for whom exactly? Many of us accept that we will probably fail to outlive the constant stream of studies claiming to have ...
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That fickle thing we call memory

If you've been following our blog but can't remember the title of the last article you read (this one doesn't count—nice try), there might be a reason for that. Researchers have ...
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Co-Dependence: a business-dependent model?

Whichever side of the fence you're on, we can all agree that there is undoubtedly a stigma attached to the person who finds themself abusing alcohol or drugs. We all do it; the homeless person ...
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Data reveals drunk driving starts with the first drink

Who here has heard the phrase "buzzed driving is still drunk driving"? It's one that that we all believe on some level does hold weight, but fail to give it the reverence it deserves for ...
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Clinician's Corner: Living the twelve steps

The gift of a life worth living is magnified when we practice the steps, but we are truly filled beyond measure in the practice of being of service to others. In fact, the rewards one can expect ...
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38 million problems, but an empty glass ain't one

Of the 38 million Americans who "drink too much", most aren't even alcoholics says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Let's start with what is considered a ...
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Neuroscientists 'see the light' with the help of Optogenetics

What if controlling your addiction were as simple as flipping a light switch? Well, we're not there quite yet, but if Evgeny A. Budygin, Ph.D., an assistant professor of neurobiology and anatomy ...
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A future with more alcohol-compliance checks?

When it comes to drugs and underage alcohol consumption, is a higher risk of police intervention a stronger incentive to keep from abusing? The answer, you might have guessed, is a resounding ...
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Binge-drinking in youths could lead to generations of alcoholism

Partying on the weekend just got a whole lot more sinister. Well, for those who drink, anyway. The idea of alcoholism is nothing new, but the 'when' has continued to be a gray motley ...
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Mixing energy drinks with alcohol: more buzz, more risks

“Wide-awake drunk” isn’t a phrase you hear all too often. Sure there’s the functioning alcoholic, and blacking out (mentally, as opposed to physically), but only just recently ...
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Pharmacology aims to stymie cocaine cravings

In a recent article, we talked about how researchers had discovered a protein which stayed in cocaine users' biofluids up to months at a time. This not only meant that abusers could very well find ...
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Teens: "marijuana isn't harmful"

If you haven’t already heard, Colorado and Washington have begun the process of selling marijuana recreationally. Analysts, scientists, government agencies, and the public within these states ...
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Harder policies on Rx abuse could be issued soon

When it comes to Rx drug abuse, one could safely hypothesize that we'll never entirely wipe out the problem. For one reason, it's simply too big of an issue, and second, when it comes down to ...
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Clinician's Corner: the Psychological Science of Self-Control

Often family members of our patients will be frustrated and confused over the perception of free will and the inherently bad choices made by their loved one while "in their addiction." So ...
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Gene for alcoholism discovered, may lead to addiction prevention

What makes an alcoholic an alcoholic? Most of us know the answer, but from a clinical standpoint the official scientific criteria is a little bit more ambiguous, notably the efforts on the part of ...
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Cocaine toxicity discovery opens new doors for research

This may come as surprise, but despite a history which extends thousands of years into the past when South American indigenous peoples would chew on the leaves of the Erythroxylon coca for ...
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Another reason to avoid medication-based treatment?

"Non-drug interventions would be an enormous step forward in drug abuse treatment, which currently relies on replacing one drug with another and has an extremely high rate of relapse," said ...
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Some depressing numbers: antidepressants and type-II diabetes

$46.7 million prescriptions were issued in 2011 in the UK. In the United States, it is the third most widely prescribed group of drugs. And researchers are now saying there are concerns that they may ...
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Clinician's Corner: The Warning Signs of Suicide

Did you know that Suicide is the 10 th leading cause of death in the United States? The most frequent mental health emergency is the threat of suicide, and although female attempt suicide more often ...
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