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Treatment works. Most who graduate from the programs at Pacific Hills treatment centers achieve quality sobriety. However, getting the individual to treatment is easier said than done. The exact nature of their problem may not be readily identifiable and those who could help are too close to the problem to be helpful. Besides, family members, corporate colleagues and most clergy are not in the business of treatment. A qualified professional intervention specialist is.

You and your loved one may never have this opportunity again. No intervention should be undertaken without advice and counsel of a professional experienced in the intervention process. Interventions are delicate matters and it is important that they be done properly.

Confrontations, threats and arguments have proven useless. The denial of the problem within the family and ambivalence about treatment blurs reality. A good interventionist works with the family and educates them about the benefits of the intervention and the following treatment. He helps take family members off the "hot seat". Intervention is the process of presenting reality to such individuals in a receivable way. It is an invitation -- not a confrontation -- to accept help. Intervention is the most loving, powerful and successful method yet for helping people accept help. A quality, effective intervention is done with love and respect in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental manner.

An intervention for many is often the answer, the only answer. It can be done. It can be done now.

Intervention works. The interventionists who work in tandem with Pacific Hills treatment centers have an extraordinarily high success rate. We're here today to help you find a quality interventionist who fits your needs.

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